Viridian Energy Review – Good Program Or Not?

While you must have come across several reviews about Viridian Energy, chances are that these reviews are mostly sugar coated and biased. And it is tough to decide correctly on the basis of such biased reviews. But don’t worry, I will provide you with factually correct information in the following review of Viridian Energy. That is because I have no affiliation with this company, and so I will put forward on the truth in an unbiased manner.

Understanding Viridian Energy:

The first thing that you need to know is whether the company is a scam or completely legit. Viridian Energy was launched by Michael Fallquist in March, 2009. The owner has a strong and impressive background in business, and was also selected as the Regional Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young. It is hard to overlook this accomplishment by Michael.

This company offers various options in green energy to its customers including renewable sources of energy and reasonably-priced solar power panels to be installed in homes. Viridian Energy received the ETHOS Rising Star Award in 2012, giving this company recognition all over the world as a consistently growing company in direct sales industry.

The company’s revenue in its first year amounted to $2 million, which is quite impressive in terms of a start-up Multi-level marketing (MLM). It is even more amazing to know that Viridian Energy earned as much as $205 million by the year 2011! And the best part is that this company is still growing.

Viridian Energy Products:

In order to be on the top of MLM companies, it is important for a company to provide the best quality products, which will create a demand in the market. Viridian Energy offers a wide range of products that have taken the market by storm. Take a look at the products offered by the company:

Everyday Green- This plan comes with 2 options- you get choose for either 100% or 50% renewable energy plan. Both the plans are way cleaner compared to the average sources of renewable energy.

Simply Right- The plan is similar to a Carbon Offset plan. You are offered 2 choices- either pay up to 25% for the energy via carbon offsets, or have your 100% energy go through carbon offsets.

Clean And Simple Solar – Being the costliest of the 3 packages, this plan offers exclusive solar power.

A point to note is that prices of the packages are different for different states, so check with the company’s website to know the exact prices. You should check it before deciding on the final price.

Business Opportunity With Viridian Energy:

Similar to most network marketing enterprises, this company provides you with compensation when you actually enroll another individual into Viridian Energy. Like I mentioned before, I don’t endorse what the company claims but it has proved true to its promises. The compensation is real and substantial, and despite tough competition, you can earn a good amount through compensation from Viridian Energy.

Is It Advisable To Join Viridian Energy?

So, your final question would be whether or not to join Viridian Energy. Well, it is true that this company has faced some cases of rip off. In fact, an incident was reported in Chicago that makes you doubt the company’s business tactics, the word spread that if you opt for the variable rate plan, you would be able to enjoy a leap in your energy from 5 cents for every KWH to 15 cents for every KWH. Such tricks are so crazy and believable that the company had to pay a fine of $60,000 in Maryland (state) along with receiving an F in their BBB rating for some time.

Make sure that you always go through the contract properly before signing up for any service offered by any company including Viridian Energy. Look carefully at the fine print and you can save yourself from all scams and frauds. And as far as compensation is concerned, the rules are simple and the company does not trick individuals in any way as far as compensation payment is concerned. Viridian Energy might not pay aggressive compensations like it competitors, but it stands true to its word.

I have myself earned an impressive amount, and I would recommend you to join Viridian Energy if you are looking for a legit, reliable and clean way to earn money.

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H9 Water Company – Good Business Op?

Various water companies have been coming up over the recent
years including H9 Water Company. The company was founded in 2013 by Steve
Morse and Keith Hall both from Texas, USA. There have been different reviews on
H9 Water that seem to misinform people on the product.

I have set out to research more about H9 water and get
factual reviews on it and dispel any misinformation or rumors. I can only
review the product on actual information provided by the company’s website as
well as testimonials or case studies available. I am in no way related to the
company nor am I promoting the product. Just an educated review to let the
readers decide whether it is a hit or miss.

I will try to dispel or approve any claims from the company
regarding the “Magical water.” In most cases, similar websites as H9’s will
contain biased reviews claiming the unique benefits of using their products.
I’ll provide the overview background of the company and talk about its
products. I’ll as be discussing the company’s compensation plan. To conclude,
I’ll provide to you the pros and cons for H9 water to help you with better
judgment. Here Goes…

H9 Water Overview

It may be because the company is relatively new or due to
other reasons, but there is limited information on the product and the
founders. What can be established is that it was created back in 2013 by Steven
Morse and Keith Hall. It’s situated in Texas, USA.

A closer look at their site reveals Earth Products Inc. as
the company behind H9 water. Nonetheless, no other connection can be found
between the two companies. There is little evidence to show that Hall and Morse
have another company, so I’ll go ahead and assume that this is their first

H9 Water Products and

I have tried many sources to verify if H9 Water Company has
an exceptional or unique product, but it is mainly water. The company claims
that they produce “structured” water with the following claims to it:

• It provides vital
skin and hair nutrients

• Increased body

• Has essential
minerals and vitamins

• Increases your
alertness duration

• Replicates and
changes into energy and

• It detoxifies
your body wastes

A box of H9 water costs $99.95 that can last a few weeks;
the company recommends two boxes per month that is enough for a person. A
strange approach if you ask me, as it seems pricey compared to bottled water.

Let’s look at their compensation plan.

Compensation Plan

For such a company trying to promote itself, I find it odd
that they do not have a compensation video to explain their ideas. I did find a
pdf though; it breaks down the basics as described below.

Before creating your own H9 business, you will have to buy
one of their partner pack that comes with different items. These packs are:

• H9 premium
partner pack for $999

• H9 Partner pack
for $499

• H9 Partner
Marketing pack for $499

Therefore, before you start, you will have to part with some
substantial amount of money for the investment. There are also many ranks and
requirements needed to be part of the payment system. Listed are all the ranks
to move from:

• Partner

• Senior partner

• Director

• Regional director

• Regional director

• National director

• Executive

• Ambassador – Five
levels ( 1-5)

• Global ambassador

• Platinum Global

Pros of H9 Water

I like it since it offers a 90 money back

Has a large pool of bonuses and a massive
ranking system


They don’t have any unique product

Cheaper options to get water from

Not many people will purchase water worth a
hundred dollars

Numerous recruitment requirements

No evidence for any special effect in the water

The Verdict

H9 Water compensation plan is rather decent, and they own
product. My primary concern is that they are just selling costly water in my
opinion. If it’s $99 or 16 bottles and each bottle measures 500ml, then its
$6.19 for a bottle. However the 90 day money guarantee can be of much help
recover some money.

At the end of the day, H9 Water is still water, and for a
few hundred dollars you can get yourself a nice filtration system for clean

Selling such a product can be extremely frustrating leave
alone the recruitment part. If you believe in your marketing skills, however,
you can try out and get your rewards. There are many networking programs to
train recruits about promoting such products, and they may come in handy.