GoodLife USA – A Good Program Or Waste Of Time?

What is GoodLife USA? If you have ever heard of it or someone has approached you in this name, you might have some confusion about this. In this article, I will give you the details of GoodLife USA. The review will be fair and will not be intervened by any personal opinion.

GoodLife USA: The Company

It is introduced by Mark Seyforth and Edward Dovner. Both are the founder and the SEO of the company. It focuses on Travel MLM industry. When one founding member, Mark Seyforth, had MLM career in 1975, the history of another founder is not clear. As the site says, Edward Dovner was a sales agent at the age of 21. Then he created a market company. He got the desired success in his business. Both the founders worked with a common objective to create GoodLife USA.

Review of the Product

It is originated as a wholesale discount club for the market travel membership. It helps the users to better utilize the money on retail and travel. You will get some discounts and the best package deals. You will find discounts o travel, accommodation, health and wellness, entertainment, and many other things. You will get discounts and cash backs on all the things you do.

Types of membership

Silver membership: For this membership, you will have to pay $11.95 per month. It includes hotel, travel, and lifestyle savings without any setup fee.

Gold membership: For this, you need to pay $39.95 per month. It includes gateways and the cruise packages. The set up free will be one time$99.

Platinum Membership: For this, the monthly charge will be $95. It includes fantasy gateways and concierge. The one-time setup fee is $199.

Compensation Plan

You will have also a compensation plan if you sponsor the people to buy the products.

You will find 10 ranks in GoodLife USA.

Level 1: Garnet- $300+ per month with two personal IBO’s.

Level 2: Tiger’s Eye $ 500+ per month with two personal IBO’s.

Level 3: Fire Opal- $1,000 + per month with two shared teams, two personal IBO’s, and minimum CV -30, 000.

Level 4: Sapphire- $3,000+ per month with five shared teams, two personal IBO’s, and minimum CV-75,000.

Level 5: Ruby: $ 5,000 + per month with 10 shared teams, two personal IBO’s, and minimum CV- 195, 000.

Level 6: Emerald – $ 7, 000 + per month with twenty shared teams, two personal IBO’s, and minimum CV-350, 000.

Level 7: Diamond- $10, 000 +per month with twenty-five shared teams and two personal IBO’s and minimum CV-500, 000.

Level 8: Double Diamond- $25, 000 + per month with thirty-five shared teams, two personal IBO’s and minimum CV- 1, 000,000.

Level 9: Triple Diamond- $50, 000 + per month with fifty shared teams, two personal IBO’s, and minimum CV-2, 000,000.

Level 10: Crown Black diamond- $1, 000, 000 + per month with seventy-five shared teams, two personal IBO’s and minimum CV-3, 000, 000.

Recruitment Commission Payout

They will get paid through the three level unilevel structure depending on the Membership. The silver membership affiliates will get the money through one level of recruitment, the gold membership on the two levels and the platinum on the three levels of recruitment. The amount of the commission will be different for the different membership and that will be paid through three tiers. You will be liable for the commissions if you sell and maintain minimum 20 active travel memberships. In addition, you will get a Dream Dollars when the member’s downline sponsors new members.

Travel Membership Commission Payout

Both the affiliate and retail membership will be paid in their 2×20 matrix compensation plan structure. There are around are 2,097,150 positions in the 2×20 matrix. The commissions will be paid monthly at the rate of the five percent of CV received throughout the first fifteen levels of a matrix. From the 16 to level 20, you will be paid two percent on those levels.

Commission Sharing

In the first month, you need to share the commission with the Upline. The sponsored affiliated will get $60 of a newly recruited affiliated generated in the commissions. After the 60 %, they can get 50 % of next $500 earned. After the 560, the commission will be split commissions based on downline CV generation.

Joining Cost

The affiliate fee is $79. In addition, for the silver membership, you will have to pay $11.95 per month. For the Gold membership, it will be 39.95 per month with a one-time setup fee of $99. For the platinum membership, you will have to pay $59.95 with a one-time setup fee of $199 as mentioned earlier.

Final Verdict

GoodLife USA is one the best travel MLM companies that I have reviewed. You might need to pay a decent amount to avail the discounts. But it is worth spending if you consider the overall benefits. If travel a few times or once in a year, you might not be the right choice. It will be profitable for those who are frequent travelers. They can take the benefits of the discounts and the cash backs.